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HitGirl! was born in 1996 out of frustration and the need for a platform for female DJ's.  Inspired by the efforts of the Super Jane Collective (Chicago) and Women on Wax (Detroit), our founding members (LA Kendall, Ginger Vaughn and Julie Herrera) set out to CREATE opportunities that were otherwise unavailable to their skillful counter parts. They began by promoting the collective via throwing their own club nights with their own money. These parties attracted a diverse crowd that spring boarded these women into opportunities to work with international sponsors and launch national tours.  After nearly 10 years, the need to further the female DJ platform has become less necessary (thankfully), with fabulous DJ's like Colette, Irene, DJ Heather and more headlining events around the globe.  Time to go back to the drawing board and Re:Launch!
Through Re:Launch - the HitGirl! roster is a cornerstone.  It features the roster exclusively, and maintains several residencies, appearances, workshops, and regularly organizes events which feature some of the best talent available.  HitGirl! is also the driving force behind all of the Re:Launch guerilla and trend influence marketing efforts due to it's large industry network and decade of experience as a brand. By merging with the Re:Launch roster, HitGirl! gains a more diverse perspective, offers more talent, and a greater variety of services to our clients!
Check out our talent roster!  We have an incredibly talented, professional and diverse group of DJ's, Vocalists and more to suit any of your needs!

To Contact Re:Launch-HitGirl!, E Mail!